Open letter to Amgen employees

In case you missed it: The innovation community and Amgen employees across the Puget Sound region have been working through the implications of the planned 2015 closure of the Seattle and Bellevue offices.  Amidst creative speculation over the use of the company’s beautiful Seattle offices, we wanted to chime in with some thoughts for this incredibly talented workforce.

Image from KIRO TV

Image from KIRO TV


Dear Amgeners, 

As you and your families navigate the path ahead in the coming months, we wanted to take a moment to note just some of the ways you’ve helped put Seattle on the global map of innovation. 

In your decision-making process, please remember that we’re from the government (well, some of us), and we’re here to help (all the below). Check out these resources if you haven’t already:

Next, for some news you can use, of the 16 Seattle-based companies that have received recent rounds of funding, five are advertising open positions. (For details, check out this spreadsheet:  life sciences funding-hiring)

Last but not least….thinking about embarking on your own entrepreneurial endeavor? The University of Washington has been ranked one of the top 15 Life Sciences universities in the world….snap up some of that talent!




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