Tech Tour: Rhapsody and rock

Startup Seattle was delighted to sponsor the second in a series of summer tech tours, connecting area youth with meaningful experiences in technology (and given that this is the City of Music, some rock-n-roll to boot). And because we couldn’t sum it up any better, please enjoy some pictures and take-aways directly from the interns at the Umoja PEACE Center!

umoja rhapsody

Bradley: Today we went on a field trip to Rhapsody. We first went to the 31st floor.

Amari:  Their office is inside of the tallest building in Seattle (the tall curved black building).But enough about appearance lets talk about what I learned. One thing that I learned in the presentation that was given is that most code languages are derived from Java. The most interesting thing that I learned today however was that Apple recently released a new code language called Swift and that it is very similar to JavaScript. This excites me because I’m currently learning JavaScript and in a couple of years people like me will be in high demand from Apple and other leading organizations.   

Khadija:[Olivia] was there to train another worker on how to do a video, which is what they were doing with the band that was performing that day.

rhapsody griswoldsUjaama: The band called The Griswolds; they are from Australia. But I live in Seattle, Washington in the U.S. I am so happy that we had a tour that day because if we didn’t I wouldn’t have met my favorite band! And I wouldn’t have got to take a selfie with them.

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