Attendible – Mobile Web Release

header-600by2501Attendible is a new way to discover amazing local events. It allows people to stay connected and up to date with their favorite venues and interests and explore what’s happening in their city.

It is also a local social calendar where local artists, musicians and almost everyone can create, share and curate events into boards. People or friends will then follow these boards or their own favorite ones like “Jazz in Seattle” or “Seattle Art Museum” and keep track of all the events happening in them. It’s a great way to follow your favorite DJ, chef or venue and check out their activities and events.

Attendible released a mobile web application targeted for people on the bus headed to downtown and looking for something to do. It’s ideal to browse with friends and pick events together after a delicious dinner.

Attendible is based in Seattle in the Surf Incubator and is currently focused exclusively on Seattle. Their team thinks that Seattle, with its underground music scene, its own unique culture and its people, is an amazing city to launch from.

Check out all their events and boards on

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