Founder Institute Seattle – Fall Semester

Early Admissions Deadline is September 2!

Is it time to start your dream company? The Founder Institute is launching their fifth semester in Seattle – Starting October 2 through the end of January.

What is the program you ask? Three mentors, every week, on topics ranging from research to fundraising. The program also incorporates weekly working group meetings and deliverables – compressing the timeline to launch. To graduate, participants have a demo, executive summary, investor deck and customer validated financial model. You can check out some sample sessions and curriculum at

The New York Times just completed a thorough profile of the Founder Institute for the cover of the Sunday business section, looking at our approach, geographical reach and philosophy. The Institute has chapters in 27 cities and 14 countries, making such a comprehensive and concise piece difficult to write. Were looking forward to learning more.

Upcoming Events Include:
Ideation Bootcamp: August 15, Seattle Perkins Coie 7PM
FI Information Session: August 28th, Surf Incubator 7PM
Ideation Bootcamp: September 6, Redmond ThinkSpace 7PM
FI Information Session: September 12th, Davis Wright Termaine 7PM
Founders Night Out: September 20th, 8PM as part of NWEN Ross-toberfest. Meet Grads and Mentors before the FINAL application deadline.

Click here for more information!

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