Getting Things Done With Help From Mentors

Ever got stuck with your project, business, venture? It is time to get some help from the experts. Here are some of the ways to find the resources you need: attend meetups, founders/entrepreneurs dating, startup incubators. However, encounters are random and most of the time don’t lead to any collaboration. offers a new way to reach mentors who have deep expertise in your domain. You can use search tool to discover mentors and their expertise. The site features prominent mentors from the Seattle startup community. You will find Roy Leban, Tim Porter, Mike Arcuri, Tolis Dimopoulos, Charlie Kindel, John Sechrest, Bob Crimmins and many more.

The team has just released a new feature called Task. User can post a task to describe what he/she is working on and need help with. User can invites friends to help with the task. It will also be notified to relevant mentors on the site. You can now get things done together with help from friends and mentors community.

Phuoc Do, co-founder of, has put himself on the line. He promises to bring the necessary resources to any task. Why get stuck alone? Post a task and get connected to the right mentors!

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