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  • moz tour

    Tech Tour: Umoja Peace Center interns meet Moz

    In the first of a series of summer tech tours, we were delighted to participate in a visit to the Moz offices along with 11 interns from the Umoja Peace Center, aged 13-17. The trip was designed to supplement ongoing … Read More…

  • summer seattle

    Startup Seattle Summer Plans: Tech tours and beyond!

    In this special sneak preview version of our monthly stakeholder report, we’re excited to share our summer plans! (For a health check on the Seattle Startup ecosystem, check out the June 30 post). First, a celebration: Community partner David Harris … Read More…

  • welcome-to-poker20 (3)

    Shuffle up and deal: Startup Poker 2.0 for the win

    Contributed by Bob Crimmins Poker 2.0 is an “un-networking” event like no other, intentionally tuned to support the needs of founders, i.e., founders’ time is extraordinarily valuable and they benefit most from connecting with other founders and investors. What makes … Read More…