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    “Where” Matters for Startups

    In this guest post, we invite Brent Eyler, COO of Earlybirdy, to explore different aspects of startup communities throughout the U.S. Using the earlybirdy platform, here are his results. Let us know what you think of Brent’s analysis in the … Read More…

  • seattle skyline

    Seattle’s Top Investors in 2014

    Inspired by TechCrunch’s “Is Seattle Silicon Valley’s Next Favorite Stop?“, for this post we can thank guest contributor Kevin Crosby, an Amazonian, General Assembly instructor, and startup enthusiast. For detail on Seattle-specific investments in 2014, check out this blog, and for … Read More…

  • sunny in seattle

    The State of Startups in Seattle

    The April 2015 issue of Inc magazine includes a fairly gloomy article entitled American Entrepreneurship is Actually Vanishing.   You’d never guess that in Seattle, based on the plethora of events and the blistering pace of investment.  In this post, we’ll … Read More…

  • The Strategic Acquisition Environment for Seattle Startups

    Kevin Crosby, Amazonian, General Assembly instructor, and startup enthusiast, contributed this guest post. Keep your eye out for continued contributions from Kevin as he shares his perspective on local startup funding. After a banner year in 2014 with $1.5 billion in new … Read More…

Startup Flowchart

So you have identified a problem in the marketplace, you’re incredibly passionate about the idea… what’s next in launching your tech startup?

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